Rachel Therrien is proud to present ‘Pensamiento’, her third album as a leader. Originally released in the summer of 2016, the album is now available on iTunes and internationally. The album can be streamed here. Check out a recent write up in Hot House Magazine about her new album here.

“Pensamiento” presents a fusion of Colombian rhythms from both Pacific and Atlantic cultures, mixed with the jazz philosophy of conversation and improvisation. The album features a dynamic ensemble of 13 musicians from different towns across Colombia and was recorded over the course of four days at Quantica Music Studios of Santiago Jimenez and Mauro Castillo in Bogota. Currulao, Abosao, Mapale and Tamborito are some of the rhythms featured on the 11 pieces composed and/or arranged by Rachel Therrien. “This inspiration originally came from a one month tour I did all over Colombia with the Gypsy Kumbia Orchestra,” she says, adding, “before we left Montreal, I had a thought, a vision (“Pensamiento”) to record something of my own at the end of the tour with local musicians.”

With a strong knowledge of authentic Atlantic Culture, as opposed to the more commercialized version found in North America, she had a clear path of inspiration. But the real “sparkle” of the record came within the first days of the tour when she discovered the Pacific Culture at the Feria de Cali during the Pacific day. (El dia del Pacifico). It was then that she decided to honor those lesser known rhythms by creating a project presenting those two poles of the rich Colombian Culture.

The musicians of “Pensamiento” include: Jacobo Velez – Sax & Voice, Carlos Peralta – Guitar & Voice, Holman Alvarez – Piano & Voice, Javier Pinto – Bass & Voice, Ramon Berrocal – Drum & Voice, La Wey – Percussion & Marimba & Voice, Juan Carlos Arrechea Mina – Percussion & Marimba & Voice, Humberto Barrios Madiedo – Percussion, John Edward Arrechea Mina – Percussion, Rachel Therrien – Trumpet, Composition & Arrangements, Chongo – Percussion, Santiago Jimenez – Tiple & Voice, Mauro Castillo – Trombone.